Beyonce's Twins: Why Are They Still Hospitalized?


Earlier this week, The Hollywood Gossip became the first outlet to reveal a pair of very cute Beyonce baby photos.

Granted, it was a joke, but it mostly well received by our readers.

The following update on Beyonce, Jay Z and their kids is not a joke, however. It’s actually (sort of) serious.

Beyonce at 2016 MET Gala

As previously mentioned here and on other websites across the Internet, Beyonce gave birth about a week ago.

We don’t know the exact date and we don’t know the names of the children.

We aren’t aware of their measurements and we think one is a boy and one is a girl, but even those pieces of crucial information cannot be verified at this time.

Multiple sources have confirmed, however, that Beyonce actually remains in the hospital with her twins.

The artist is fine, she’s simply keeping a watchful eye over the newborns.

But the babies are suffering from what was originally described as a minor health issue.

As you’re about to find out below, this may be true. But try telling any new parent that his or her newborn has been diagnosed with a “minor” health issue.

Nothing is minor when you just welcomed a tiny human into the world.

The Jay and the Bey

According to TMZ, Beyonce gave birth several days early.

The kids were born prematurely and are therefore “under the lights,” a medical source explains to the website.

Not many other specifics are available, but this term typically means the babies have jaundice due to elevated bilirubin levels, a common issue for kids that are not carried to full term.

The lights are meant to lower bilirubin in the blood to eliminate the jaundice.

The problem is not considered serious.

But, again, it’s serious enough for the twins to still be under doctors’ care.

Beyonce and Jay Z Party It Up

Neither Beyonce nor Jay has said anything about their children just yet.

They have not confirmed this medical condition or even the fact that baby number-two and baby number-three now exist.

But Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s semi-estranged father, Tweeted that he’s now a proud grandfather over the weekend, drawing the ire of some Beyonce fans who think he stole his daughter’s thunder.

They believe it should have been left to Beyonce to break this exciting news.

Of course, a multitude of websites had already done so and Knowles didn’t reveal anything about the kids except for the fact that they now exist.

m. knowles tweet

We’ll continue to keep fans updated with the statues of Beyonce and her twins.

We don’t expect any real photos of the kids to be released any time soon, but it wouldn’t surprise us if the famous couple made a short and simple statement once everyone was home safe and sound from the hospital.

Until then, we’ll continue to send our prayers.

And we’ll continue to speculate on possible names as well. Hmmm….


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