'Deadliest Catch' Captain Sig Hansen — Doctors Told Me No Cigs or Sex … 1 Out of 2 Ain't Bad! (TMZ LIVE)



Deadliest Capture star Captain Sig Hansen is calling it quits following struggling a heart assault — that’s right, no much more cigarettes … or at the very least, fewer of them.

The famed crabber arrived on “TMZ Dwell” to talk about his recovery from that heart assault he endured last week even though at sea. Sig says it was a large wake up connect with and he is critically hoping to give up his using tobacco habit.

Cameras had been rolling when Sig fell unconscious and we’re advised it will be portion of the show’s 12th time which starts later this thirty day period on Discovery. 

But view the clip … he is not so down to reduce sex out of his life — as health professionals advised, temporarily. You gotta see why Sig’s even got beef with the little blue drugs docs slipped him. 


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