Draymond Green Kicks Steven Adams In The Groin & Faces Suspension Again — Watch


Uh-oh! NBA’s Draymond Green might be spending a lot of time on the bench after her kicked Steve Adams in the groin — AGAIN! Get ready, Warrior fans — the NBA may be talking suspension!

Ouch! Warriors player, Draymond Green, 26, was put under assessment during Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs on May 22, after he kicked Steve Adams, 22, in the groin as he went up for a shot. Normally this incident wouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s the second time Draymond has kicked him!

Draymond was caught in action during the second quarter of the Golden State Warriors v. Oklahoma City Thunder game. Video evidence shows the Warriors forward going up for a shot, but after getting tangled in Steve’s raised arms, he kicks him right in between the legs. That had to hurt! Steve immediately keels over in pain, as Draymond responded to the referee’s whistle. He even had to be escorted off the court. Poor Steve!

But the question still lingers on whether the kick was intentional. Oklahoma City fans were convinced it was deliberate, as they yelled, “Kick him out!” during the game. But if you ask Draymond, he denies the kick to the groin was deliberate. “I’m sure he wants to have kids one day. I’m not trying to end that on the basketball court,” he said.

Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, 50, is also sticking by his player. Although a flagrant foul was called during the game, he believes it will be rescinded, according to Sports Illustrated. “Honestly, stuff like that happens all the time,” Kerr said. “There’s inadvertent contact on all plays. It’s just part of the game.”

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Although the playback shows Draymond moving at full speed, Steve isn’t buying it. After all, this happened to him twice! “It happened before, mate,” Steve claimed. “He’s pretty accurate. Honestly I think it’s intentional. That’s two times in the last two games.”

The NBA will have the final say though. Officials will review the incident and decide whether it warrants a suspension. But Draymond thinks the odds are in his favor. “I don’t think I’ll get suspended. I followed through on a shot – I’m not trying to kick somebody in the men’s section,” he said. 
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But despite the injury, Steve Adams and the Oklahoma City Thunder managed to take the win, in a 133-105 game against the Warriors. The Warriors and Thunder will face off again for Game 4 on May 24. Hopefully this won’t happen again!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Draymond intentionally kicked Steve in the groin?


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