James Harrison vs NFL Rookie in Savage Strength Showdown


James Harrison vs. Duke Riley

Savage Strength Showdown

Movin’ 7,300 lbs.

7/20/2017 12:51 PM PDT

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James Harrison is the KING of crazy strength training videos … but an NFL rookie might be comin’ for the throne.

In the blue corner … 39-year-old Steelers LB pushing a sled weighing OVER 1,800 POUNDS — that’s one plate for each year of his life.

In the red corner … 22-year-old Falcons LB Duke Riley pulling an SUV weighing AT LEAST 5,500 POUNDS — a 2017 Yukon Denali plus his buddy in the driver’s seat.

James takes a few tries. Duke did his easy.

Keep in mind, though … pushing is harder than pulling — and Duke has wheels workin’ for him too.

So, what’s more impressive?


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