Jenelle Evans SLAMMED for Bad Parenting by Nathan Griffith!


If you watched Monday night’s season premiere of Teen Mom 2, then you know that Jenelle Evans did not have the greatest time while pregnant with her third child, Ensley.

It was actually kind of hard to watch.

Jenelle Evans' Car Selfie

The big issue in the episode was that Jenelle and her family were forced to move to a new rental home because their current house had some mold in it.

Mold that was potentially toxic: bad news for everyone, but especially bad news for a pregnant woman and toddler.

So her boyfriend, David Eason, assembled some buddies and began moving things while she took care of little Kaiser.

Sounds like they had a plan, right?

Unfortunately, being pregnant while caring for a toddler and also while moving is a recipe for disaster, and a disaster is what we got.

After a day of moving, David called their realtor’s office to pick up the keys for their new house, only to find that the office had already closed.

Jenelle Evans' Kissy Face with David Eason

Jenelle began freaking out — hard.

“Now where are we going to sleep? In a hotel?” she asked him. “What are we going to do? I’m going to freak out if I have to stay in this house another day.”

David pointed out that he’d told her earlier that day to pick up the keys, but she said that she couldn’t do it with Kaiser.

He told her to take Kaiser and go to a hotel, and she scoffed, telling him sarcastically that being in a hotel room with Kaiser would be “so much fun.”

Basically nothing was good enough for her, and she took her frustrations out on everyone around her.

Including poor little Kaiser.

Kaiser Griffith Bruise Photo

She made it sound like that little boy is the worst kid in the world, like he’s completely unmanageable and she’s simply unable to control him by herself.

She kept calling him “bad,” and she kept making it seem like she’d rather do anything than be alone with him.

And yes, she was heavily pregnant during these scenes, and her frustrations are understandable, but she’s still his mother. She still needs to be caring and kind to him.

And it sounds like Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith, agrees.

When someone reached out to him on Twitter to ask him if Kaiser was really as bad as Jenelle made him out to be, he wrote “He can definitely be a handful but it’s not his fault.”

“I think a little love, structure and attention can go a long way in a child’s life.”

Nathan Griffith With Kaiser

To be clear, Nathan is a terrible human being and also a terrible father, so it’s not like he really has any room to give anyone else parenting advice.

But he’s actually not wrong.

Another person told him that he needed to work on co-parenting more effectively with Jenelle if he really believed these things.

“100%,” he replied. “I can’t agree with you anymore! I have discussed these issues with David and Jenelle.”

“I get along with my ex wife and her family perfectly,” he added. “I’m really easy going. I give in a lot to JE. I know it doesn’t show it but it is tv.”

“Kaiser has a big heart. He is like me that needs tons of love and structure that I didn’t get.”

“He will fall and learn as I did,” he wrote, “but I want him to be 100x’s better than a man I am!”

Again, we can’t stress this enough, Nathan is an absolute nightmare.

But if he looks like the reasonable parent here … what does that say about Jenelle?


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