Josiah Duggar Reveals Why He and Marjorie Jackson Seriously Break up


When you happen to be a typical teen, relationships and breakups arrive and go as rapid as a Snapchat selfie.

But when you happen to be a Duggar, relationships – nay, courtships – are to be taken with the utmost gravity. They are, right after all, regarded as a type of pre-engagement and planning for relationship.

Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson Image

That is why fans were stunned when 19-12 months-aged Josiah Duggar and 18-12 months-aged Marjorie Jackson ended their courtship right after just 4 months past summer season.

The motive for their courtship’s demise was not offered, aside from their families’ statement of “preserving in move with what they think the Lord’s will is.”

But now the younger 19 Kids and Counting star himself is speaking to Individuals, and has elaborated on why the two parted ways.

“Marjorie and I experienced a great time collectively,” he informed the journal. “We were just attempting to abide by God’s guide on anything. She failed to experience that it was the suitable timing then, so we known as it quits for a bit.”

With regards to this situation of “timing,” the breakup arrived not long right after news broke that Josiah’s brother Josh experienced molested his more youthful sisters.

But which is a sensitive subject matter.

OOF. I just listened to it.

Yet, Josiah hinted that there may be hope for a ongoing courtship with Marjorie someday in the future.

“We have time to improve… you in no way know,” he stated. “But when you consider about a woman to marry, you question what sort of man she would want to marry and you attempt to be that sort of man.”

Deep stuff.

We will not know what sort of man Josiah wishes to be, but we’re very selected that “not Josh” is a very great start.


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