Mariah Carey Gets Owned by a Coyote in a Leotard


Mariah Carey just got totally owned.

By a coyote in a leotard.

On the heels of her humiliating New Year’s Eve performance, Carey has heard it from nearly every corner of the Internet.

The trolls are out on force, although it’s hard to blame them when you click on the link above and see the sort of ridiculous “performance” this legendary artist put on last Saturday night.

Due to technical difficulties, she was unable lip sync a handful of her classic tracks, eventually giving up and talking mostly jibberish to the crowd in an attempt to stall and/or distract.

Spurs Coyote

Carey’s team then tried to blame the show’s producers for setting her up to fail.

It’s been a pretty terrible few days for Carey, and it was only made worse this week when the mascot for the San Antonio Spurs used a break in the action to walk out to center court.

He was dressed in a similar outfit as the one Mariah donned in Times Square and he started to “sing” the smash hit “Emotion,” only for his microphone to suddenly go out.

This made him very confused and annoyed.

Spurs Mascot

It also made us laugh very hard.

See the Mariah mockery for yourself below and then sound off:

Is this fair or foul? Has Carey suffered enough for her snafu? Should folks just let it go?

Or does the diva deserve all of this embarrassment for how little effort she clearly puts in for her live performances?


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